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Restoring Resilience & Authentic Self-Compassion

Sarah Siegel

I believe that every, single human being has an unharmed and unharmable essence as the most fundamental aspect of who they are, regardless of what struggles they may have endured, and that this essence knows how to heal and contains great wisdom. The work I do professionally with clients as a Holistic Coach, Internal Family Systems Practitioner and Interfaith Chaplain, centers on this belief as does my personal Vajrayana practice. Beyond this, I am trained in Motivational Interviewing and Motivational Interviewing for groups and have completed several trainings in Ketamine Assisted Therapy while currently pursuing more. Additionally, I am apprenticing with an expert in IFS and Self- Lead sexuality and am currently on track to be certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) in 2023 and Certified in IFS by the IFS Institute in 2024. I come to this work through the necessity of my own healing journey from complex PTSD, addictions, and other trauma (some which occurred inside of previous sanghas). IFS is the main modality I use in the work I do with clients, as it is the most gentle, holistic, non-pathologizing approach I have found thus far and it honors our inherent wholeness, regardless of the degree of suffering we may have experienced. In this way, I find it to be deeply congruent with Vajrayana Buddhism and a wonderful, client- centered support for profound healing as well as authentic Dharma practice.

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Services Offered

IFS Counseling Session

IFS is a profoundly gentle, non-pathologizing, inherently client-centered tool for coming into deeper relationship with the complexity of our being, healing from trauma and experiencing a greater sense of wellbeing on many levels. Additionally, it can be a very effective method for deepening one's personal relationship with Dharma practice through discovering, welcoming and getting to know different "Parts" of one's self that often show up through the process of walking an authentic spiritual path as well as familiarizing oneself with "Self Energy" that IFS believes is the most fundamental, healing resource available to us

*Sliding scale may be made available upon request for those in need

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