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Liberation through community

connecting with our online sangha

Being in relationship with sangha is like being in relationship with chosen family. It is a way for us to come together to practice, to maintain the bonds of spiritual kinship and community, and to create a supportive structure for sustained practice. These practice sessions and on-going online programs for sangha are free of charge. Join us!


Ati Yoga Practice

Join us every Full Moon for a group Ati Yoga Practice session online from the Yuthok or Karma Nyingthig. 

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Yuthok Guru Yoga

Join us for group practice sessions on the various Yuthok Nyingthik Guru Yoga Sadhanas. Each session will include basic instruction and practice.

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Join us every dakini day, the 25th day of the lunar calendar for a free group practice online 


Shanglon and Palden Lhamo Dudsolma

Join us every protector day, the 29th day of the lunar calendar for a free group practice online 


Yuthok Nyingthik Kusali Chöd

Join us every Guru rinpoche day, the 10th day of the lunar calendar for a free group practice online 


Flight of the Garuda

Join us for this ongoing teaching series from the on the profound Ati Yoga (Dzogchen) teachings of Shabkar Tsodruk Rangdrol.

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Chöd Sadhana Transmission

The Last Tuesday of every month we offer a Transmission of Rangjung Dorje’s Tsogle Rinchen Trengwa Chöd sadhana

Explore our ongoing Courses

A unique one-year course following the special Dzogchen cycle from Rangjung Dorje 

Vajrayana Spiritual Care Foundations-3.png

A two-year spiritual formations program for those interested in pastoral training and the pursuit of Vajrayana chaplaincy certification

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