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Ethics Statement

Yangti Yoga Retreat Center is committed to providing support as a place for practitioners who are engaged in the work of awakening.


An essential aspect of this work is ethics. We recognize that adhering to an ethics code is an important activity to model for others.


We are committed to an ethics that includes disrupting patterns of abuse and harm that arise both outside of, but especially within, spiritual communities. We are specifically committed to the application of the dharma towards liberation from unexamined habitual behavior that cause harm. Such cycles of harm include, but are not limited to, the exclusion of underrepresented groups in dharma communities, misuse of power, poor boundaries, and lack of understanding around sexual ethics. We also seek to avoid the spiritual harm created by overly orthodox spiritual communities who may disempower the individual to preserve an unexamined status quo.


We are also committed to the maintenance and continued propagation of the tantric Buddhist path as an organic continuation of this brilliant tradition that speaks to the needs and intersecting specificities associated with ‘Western’ culture.  As such we are committed to breaking new ground and maintaining vital relevance in the support of lay tantric practitioners rooted in the foundation, and spirit, demonstrated by Yuthok Yonten Gonpo, Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsogyal, the early Kagyu gurus, Rangjung Dorje, Jatson Nyingpo and countless others both known and unknown to history.


We are committed to keeping this tradition alive and bright with the full recognition that spiritual growth and the sense of empowerment that accompanies it is not always easy or convenient. Lineage cannot exist outside of the individual practitioner, and in this way, we commit to the slow, steady contribution to the lineage by supporting practitioners as they themselves commit to and delve into this powerful, important work with us.

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