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Help us Launch our Retreat Center Fall 2024!

The Yangti Yoga Retreat center is happy to announce that we have officially found and purchased a property to call home! 


Located on the eastern boarder of the Berkshires in Buckland Massachusetts, Yangti is setting down roots. The property is equipped with three cabins, a two-story garage, a sugar house, a main house, a pond, and 66 acres of land to explore including hiking trails accessible from the property itself. We are grateful to have found a property so well suited to our needs, and our goal is to be open for retreats as soon as Fall '24! Naturally, this will require some tending to the land, existing structures, and maintenance required to get ourselves ready to open our doors to the public for personal retreat, intensive practice, and of course our primary activity: dark retreats. 





The retreat property has two existing cabins which need to be updated to meet the local building codes. There is an additional structure on the land which we plan to convert into an additional 3rd dark retreat cabin as well. Some of the work involved includes: updating the septic system, replacing the roof on one of the cabins, reinforcing the support columns beneath each cabin as well as general carpentry, painting, and sourcing the necessary furnishings. 



Thanks to the generous support of an existing member of our extended team we received the donation of an airstream trailer.  This space will serve as a solitary retreat space for general personal retreat. To be prepared for retreat guests we will need to relocate the airstream, establish dedicated water, electric and septic lines.



We plan on renovating an existing two-story structure on the property intended to serve as our shine hall and protector shrine. This will inevitably serve as the heart center of our activities and as such requires a bit of development along with procuring the necessary religious items. Most importantly for this space is the commissioning of a statue of Yuthok Yonten Gonpo, as well as statues of Peaceful and Wrathful forms of Shanglon Mahakala. We have been in touch with a a skilled statue maker in Patan, Nepal who is ready to begin the work on the statue of Yuthok. We also need to procure meditation cushions. 



The property has a rustic sugar house which affords us with the opportunity to make maple syrup. Help us to build out and restore this structure and procure the equipment necessary for tapping trees. Accompanying this project will includes some land maintenance, clearing trees in development of a garden, and acquiring the tools and so on to aide us in the stewardship of this sacred land. 



To accomplish much of the work required on the land, such as transporting materials, towing of the airstream, and procuring equipment, we need a pick-up truck. This truck should have the necessary towing and load capacity so that we can address the needs listed above as well as to continue to develop the property with additional retreat cabins in the years to come.


help us to reach these near term goals! 


As an organization one of our core values is community nourishment and support. All the work that we do is in favor of the nurturing of a supportive and well-rounded container for dedicated practitioners from many paths and backgrounds to have equitable access to the teachings and practice of Yangti. 

All things existing within this network of infinite interdependence rely on a reciprocal relationship of care and support. Our center not being separate from these needs requires the care and support of us all especially in these beginning stages. 

We prioritize transparency and mutual support in all our fundraising efforts, and of course due to our status as a religious non-profit 501(c)(3) organization all your generous offerings are fully tax deductible. 

We accept a diverse range of donations through our partnership with the Giving Block which allows us to accept anything from liquid assets to stock, to crypto currency like bitcoin. Please contact us directly if you wish to make donations to our further development in another form.

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