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 A Sanctuary for Contemplative Practice

Embracing the Essence of Contemplation

At Yangti Yoga, we believe in the transformative power of contemplative traditions that transcend cultural and religious boundaries. Our retreat center is dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of the universal elements present in spiritual practices, with a special focus on meditation, dark retreats, and inter-contemplative dialogue.

Rooted in the profound wisdom of the Dzogchen tradition, Yangti Yoga offers a unique space where the ancient practice of dark retreat can act as a gateway to inner exploration and understanding. Here, in the embrace of absolute stillness and darkness, the mind finds a rare opportunity to delve into its deepest layers, fostering insights that are at once personal and universal.


"Rest like the immovable, stable mountains, like the still and limpid sea. Rest like the limitless sky – whatever may abide, whatever may arise, rest in primordial awareness and it’s radiance."


Man Walking in Fields

A Meeting Ground for Diverse Traditions

Our center is more than just a space for individual reflection. It is a vibrant hub for inter-religious and inter-contemplative dialogue, where practitioners from various spiritual backgrounds come together. We host discussions, workshops, and seminars aimed at exploring the commonalities and diversities within contemplative practices. Whether you are a Buddhist, Christian, practitioner of another faith, or someone exploring spirituality without religious boundaries, Yangti Yoga offers a welcoming and respectful environment for learning and sharing.

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