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Restoring Resilience & Authentic Self-Compassion

Brian Foote

Brian Foote is a Buddhist chaplain and educator practicing clinically in New York at Weill Cornell Medical Center and privately online and in New York City. His pastoral care and counseling work draws deeply from the rich spiritual heritage of the Vajrayana and well-researched contemporary clinical standards of care. His method of chaplaincy rests on the guiding principles of Carl Rogers and person-centered care with an emphasis on narrative therapy technique. In each session the client is invited to lead the way in exploring those places in their lives where they feel stuck, disjointed, or spiritually incongruent. Brian draws deeply from his own spiritual practices and connection with the many saints of our tradition to inform how, together, we can invite loss, change, grief, and wonder to sit with us and become our teachers.


Brian Foote holds a BA from Hunter College and a MTS from Harvard Divinity School. In addition to his work at New York Presbyterian – Weill Cornell Medical Center, he has practiced at Columbia University Irving Medical Center and Lower Manhattan Hospital. He will be the Weill Cornell Palliative Care Chaplain Fellow in 2023/2024. In addition to his work as a chaplain, he taught for several years at Hunter College offering classes in religion and psychology. He has also worked as a teaching fellow at Harvard University supporting classes in public health with a particular focus on death and dying. Brian’s dharma practice has been supported by many teachers. Brian is currently a student of Lama Justin von Bujdoss and has benefited from his teaching and mentorship for several years. Brian is also a practitioner of the Yuthok Nyingthig and is grateful for the teachings of Dr. Nida Chenagtsang. Brian is pursuing lay ordination and welcomes opportunities to practice together.

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Services Offered

1:1 Spiritual Counseling Session

Sessions are founded in my practice of chaplaincy and as such differs from therapy in many respects. The distinction between the two is important for community members to understand as they decide what kind of care might best fit their needs. In our time together we will focus on the spiritual dimensions of whichever issues you wish to bring for consideration. The way we understand and make meaning of life’s hardships is integral to spiritual development. In our sessions we will spend time exploring what these changes and events mean to you and how the practice of dharma might allow us space to transmute difficulties into sites of wisdom and offerings. Techniques of chaplaincy can vary but my approach is to listen, reflect back, and share different vantages as you guide us through the events or feelings that brought us to this space together. We will endeavor to bring these reflections into practice. The shape of that practice can be as varied as the many ritual and contemplative meditations available to us in the Vajrayana.

  • Available Online

    Personalized spiritual care, direction, and support with our qualified...

    1 hr

    85 US dollars
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