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Yangti Yoga Retreat Center is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are mission driven and rely upon the support of donors and sponsors to assist us in bringing the benefits of Yangti (dark retreat practice) to a wider audience in a supportive and dedicated way.


Some of our targeted fundraising goals can be seen here.


We invite you to consider helping us to meet the fundraising goals associated with each of the goals listed here.


We accept donations of cash, stock, cryptocurrencies and DAFs.


We are currently fundraising towards the acquisition of a property that will serve as the home for Yangti Yoga Retreat Center. We are seeking to raise $700,000 for a suitable property that can allow us to begin offering individual solo dark retreats.


We are also fundraising to cover the cost of renovating any existing structures such as cabins, barns, etc. that may exist on such a property.


As we grow so does our need for addressing various administrative costs including an administrative assistant, an accountant and a lawyer.


As we close out 2023 and move into 2024, we are offering 2 new exciting online programs and are in the midst of planning a Vajrayana Art program and formal Clinical Pastoral Education so that we can assist in training new Vajrayana informed chaplains. These programs take time and require resources to develop and implement.


As we offer a place to engage in the practice of Yangti Yoga, or dark retreat, within the context of the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition we are also fundraising for the commissioning of appropriate statues and thangkas from traditional craftspeople in Nepal.

Mountain Ridge

Giving is quick and easy and helps us to serve others.

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