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Saga Dawa Empowerment of Padampa Sangye's Troma Nagmo
Saga Dawa Empowerment of Padampa Sangye's Troma Nagmo

Thu, May 23



Saga Dawa Empowerment of Padampa Sangye's Troma Nagmo

Join Lama Justin on Saga Dawa for an on-line Troma Nagmo Empowerment

Time & Location

May 23, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM EDT


About the event

On Saga Dawa Düchen, the Tibetan observance of celebration of the Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana of the Buddha, Lama Justin will offer the empowerment for Zhije Troma Nagmo practice that Padampa Sangye brought to Tibet and which forms a central aspect of the Zhije tradition. This will be offered on-line.

Within Vajrayana Buddhism, deity yoga, or yidam practice, is a special meditation technique within which practitioners focus on transforming the experience of body, speech and mind into that of an enlightened Buddha. This is done through specific techniques involving visualization, mantra recitation, and developing a sense of pure view that the essence of our mind is the same as that of all awakened buddhas. These types of meditation practice extend as far back as the 7th century and are essential to the tantric path.

This empowerment (initiation) for the practice of the female tantric Buddhist yidam (meditational deity) known as Troma Nagmo – an important and powerful female yidam who is the secret wrathful form of Vajravarahi,  representing the fast, unbridled flow of dynamic, passionate awakening plants the seeds for awakening through the practice of Troma Nagmo. This unique lineage of practice and the transmission of the practice from the Zhije (Pacification of Suffering) tradition founded by the great 10th century South Indian Buddhist yogin, Padampa Sangye. It was Padampa Sangye who brought these teachings to Tibet.

This is an excellent opportunity to delve deeply into the timeless heart of the tantric Buddhist path in a way that connects to the essence of a powerful, highly relevant lineage of practice in these times, with a teacher who is dedicated to the propagation of the wisdom available to us all in an embodied and individually authentic way.

There will be a follow-up online program on Tuesday, June 18th in which the reading transmission and teachings on the practice of Padampa Sangye's Troma Nagmo practice will be offered.

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