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Manifestations of the Wrathful: Exploring the Buddhist Mother and the Bwiti Spirit of Iboga
Manifestations of the Wrathful: Exploring the Buddhist Mother and the Bwiti Spirit of Iboga

Sun, Feb 25



Manifestations of the Wrathful: Exploring the Buddhist Mother and the Bwiti Spirit of Iboga

A 7-Day Retreat with Lama Justin Von Bujdoss in Sintra, Portugal

Time & Location

Feb 25, 2024, 7:00 PM – Mar 02, 2024, 7:00 PM

Sintra, R. Particular 6, 2710-624 Sintra, Portugal

About the event

Grounding into our radically awakened power

Difficult times sometimes require strong spiritual medicine. These times in particular offer a variety of challenges to our ability to stay grounded and resilient in our connection to our path of awakening as well as our work to be a benefit to others. In such times sometimes care, love and wisdom can be found within the arms of the wrathful mother.

Within the tantric Buddhist tradition Palden Lhamo Dudsolma and Troma Nagmo offer two profound examples of the power, wisdom and skill of the wrathful mother. Troma Nagmo is sometimes known as the ‘secret’ form of Vajravarahi, an important female Buddha who represents the wisdom of awakened bliss/emptiness. In this secret wrathful form, Troma Nagmo constelates and helps to introduce the practitioner to the vast spacious freedom that lay at the core of our being - a freedom beyond self without center or edge. Palden Lhamo Dudsolma is an enlightened female dharma protector who manifests a fierce wrath that cuts through outer and inner obstacles to settling into the awakened state. In a way, both Troma Nagmo and Palden Lhamo are quite similar to Kali and may have a similar root within the context of possible origins in much older wrathful mother practices that existed on the Indian sub-continent in earlier times.

These two practices originated from two incredible early Indian mahasiddhas, or tantric yogins. This particular lineage transmission of Troma Nagmo originates with the great 11th century South Indian Parambuddha Padampa Sangye who brought many spiritual practices to Tibet during his three main journeys to the Himalayas. This particular lineage of Palden Lhamo Dudsolma comes to us originally from the great 8th to 9th century mahasiddha, Virupa, along a yogic lineage to the famed mahasiddha Naropa who passed it on to the Tibetan translator Marpa who brought it to Tibet in the 11th Century. These two practices come to us in an unbroken lineage through Lama Justin.

During this 7-Day retreat the empowerment for the dharma protector Palden Lhamo Dudsolma and the wrathful form of Vajravarahi known as Troma Nagmo will be offered by Lama Justin von Bujdoss.

The retreat will begin with the initiation ceremony into both of these powerful tantric Buddhist practices followed by the reading transmission for these practices and teachings on these two dynamic wrathful female buddhas. Over the course of the period of the retreat we will lay a solid foundation around these practices, including practical advice on formal meditation practice as well as informal engaged practice that can be done in the midst of one’s daily life.

All-inclusive food

We are only 30-40 minutes from the airport and will provide an airport transfer once we have your flight itinerary.

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