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Return to the earth 
Return to your center

Integrative Contemplative FarmING

Depth in spiritual practice isn’t found in formal meditation alone. The integration of insights gleaned during formal meditation sessions and retreat is an art that is often forgotten about in our busy lives. In recognition of this we offer opportunities to ground in embodied practice through contemplative farm work, blending working with the elements along with personal time for meditation, yoga, and intentional silence. Whether taking some extra time to stabilize the experience of a recent retreat, or as a way of touching into integrating a recent life change or loss, the work of slowing down and making time to integrate our experiences is a wonderful way of intentionally returning to one’s center.

"Rest like the immovable, stable mountains, like the still and limpid sea. Rest like the limitless sky – whatever may abide, whatever may arise, rest in primordial awareness and it’s radiance."


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