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As you may remember, earlier in the year NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a bit of a splash by announcing on ESPN that he would be going on a four-day dark retreat. With the subject of Dark retreat coming into awareness in the wider public, it has never felt a more pertinent  time to bring our visions to fruition in establishing Yangti in a supportive yet accessible  way. 

As we are entering into the giving season and the end of the tax year, we are launching our 2023 end of year fundraising campaign with aims to raise $40,000. With hopes to reach some very near term goals for the Yangti Retreat Center and our  community at  large including acquisition of a possible retreat site, hiring support, and launching a pilgrimage. 


giving season


Acquisition of an Airstream trailer as our first mobile dark retreat space. With the first preliminary 3 - day dark retreat successfully taking place in early September.  With aims also to host a Dark Retreat Tour. utilizing this airstream in 2024, as a means of bringing. this practice to various centers around North East & South East USA. 

Image by Mark Fletcher-Brown

2023 highlights

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